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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Too Many Networks

I would like to adress a message about the use of the internet!
I do understand that i am communicating through the internet but for creative growth of my mind.
There is alot of good in the world of our cyberspace but still there is some bad.
let us start with the good : 1) You can communicate with someone miles away who may not have a phone or is in a country with different time zones!
2)You can search so much in a few seconds now with just a click of a button!
3)You can have a video conference in the comfort of your own home. without the hassle of running to the meeting.
4) You can reconnect with old friends through social networking sites!

The downs will always be there .
And here they are:
1) Pornography:child movies going all over the world who may be getting raped and other horror stories…
2) “Craigslist” With so many People selling Themselves for reasons we all know of.
3) It is not a kid safe zone with so many great sites for kidds to learn one mistake and BOOM they are browsing the web like “Facebook”.
This is just a couple of my thoughts if you disagree please tell me why and give me ideas about future topics!

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