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Kindle digital Fortress

Hiya mighty readers!

How are you all?

i am posting you about the “Kindle” . I am sure you all know about this amazing device but just to make sure i will tell you what it is: The “Amazon Kindle” is a reading tool that lets you read about 3,500. The “kobo e-Reader” is an electronic device that lets you read also but only holds up to 1000 books and comes pre-loaded with a 100 classics eBooks.

The “Kindle”  comes with the option of with a free 3G wireless or just wi-fi connection. The 3G version costs 189 $. The one without 3g connection and just WI-FI connection is 139$. It is great to have the 3G connection because then you could browse the store whenever you want! It only weighs 8.7 ounces and it’s depth is 8.5mm it is approx. a 1/3 of an inch tha is what the say on “Amazon” !!  I do appreciate the “kindle” because of the look it is very simple but very useful not like most other devices that use color to jazz up their products.  The “Kindle”comes in Black and White. The white is only avaible for the  “kindle ” with 3G connection! I adore how the kindle has a a keyboard too!!

The “Kobo eReader” only has WI-FI no 3G connection. There is also one that comes without WI-FI it costs 128$. The one with wireless connection costs 149$. It comes in Lilac, White , Silver and Onyx. It has a quilted back design that is nice to look at it is supposed to be for good grip! I do not appreciate the “kobo eReader” because it make a too big a deal of so little unlike the “Kindle” that has a keyboard the kobo just has some weird track pad!

Thanks for reading


P.S: There are people who know why i put akidontheblog in caps!!!


The Illusion of Love!

Hey My  Dear Readers,

This is a special Valentine’s issue ! Who is wishing they get a 4$ rose at school or candy? Well here’s my advice  don’t accept either! Why you may ask , well I find Valentine’s is a very commercial holiday a girl always awaits something from their boyfriend but why you should always get a special something it does not need to be bought though…

I also find at my age us girls always try to look so good for boys what do they do for us???

Wwe are still so young and are in all these relationships it is so shocking! We should take things easy we are teenagers but let us enjoy our time, our innocence if we have some left . Let us enjoy our time we will be adults and will have to be responsible for a long long time actually the rest of our lives so this valentine give a gift to your friend who may have been there when you needed a friend the  most .It is the day of love. You love your friends as friends so if you do not have a valentine do not stress get em a gift!

Love you so much,


How can you find the perfect book

Bon après-midi mes chères lecteurs,,
I wish to talk about a topic I find quite interesting :Books how do you find the perfect one??
Many people have gifted me great books that I enjoy so much others give me gift cards to “Indigo” or “Chapters”  I enjoy but find it very hard to find the perfect book. I have an awesome cousin who has introduced me to amazing books. And now i have cultivated my taste quite alot after reading so many great books i can tell the difference between a book that is great and others that are not .
i have recently finished the book “Love In the time Of Cholera” that talks about love affairs between three souls : Fermina Daza And Dr.Urbino who are married and Florentino Ariza who is madly in love with Fermina Daza but she does not understand and calls ther love affair an illusion. I did not appreciate the story as much as the writing of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. What i enjoyed the most is that Marquez writes in spanish and that i read it in english the translation was exquisite. these are one of many books i have read that i enjoyed very much.
I guess you just need to enjoy so many books and that there many out there and none are perfect!
new Kid On The Blog



As a girl i still have the right  to write about a couple of trivial issues. My first trivial issue is dress code or no dress code in schools !  I do prefer a dress code, first because i do have a uniform. But before when i went to primary i had the right to where whatever i wanted –without a dress code!

I do like  having a uniform because then you do not need to always stay up to date with the latest trends! I do think it is great for girls and boys who like to stay with the latest trends but too in many cases there is too much of an obsession with brands.  But with a uniform there is no competition on who is wearing what! I do wish to point out that there willl always be “Cliques” in schools with dress code or not . Perhaps we cannot fight the brands but find a way to accept them! what i do despise alot is what you where for your size like plus people, why their clothes are not as attractive . While there is a larger variety for girls who wear size Zero. i will never understand that!

Cheers ,

New kid on the blog!

Fast Food or Fat Food

hey  There,

I am Back for another brainstoming. Let us share some ideas about fast food or better known to me as fat food.

I do understand that lots of parents use fast foods restaurants to make sure there kids eat and do not have to cook if going to a party but there are other techniques they can use!

My parents use to always cook fresh food for me i also kept a very lean figure for this reason but who knows!!! I still very much appreciate fast food like “Wendy’s” but on very moderated bases . My friends adore “McDonalds” but still I do not see what is good about it?? Please help me understand WHAT IS SOOOO GOOD ABOUT THESE FATTY ACIDS????  But I still will keep in mind about the parents who use it for picky eaters!


New kid on the blog