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Monthly Archives: March 2011


Howdy y’all!

How are you? Have you ever noticed that in movies the teenager girl is always complaining about her older or younger brother but why ? Can’t brothers and sisters be nice to each other? And why does this affect teenagers? Well after all these questions, let me give you some answers! First why do brothers and sisters fight so much? It is because of the amount of television that affects us ¬†and makes us feel that is what a brother sister relationship is all fighting! But i know so many people who love their brothers or sister! Maybe we should think about it sometimes then instead of always fighting we could enjoy what we have. Because a movie is entertainment not real life so why do us teenagers try to act like somebody we are not! And just be nice and not complain. We are just kids at different stages of our lifes with bumps along the way ! I am a teenager and do not feel the need to throw a tantrum about everything. Because i believe that we all are who we are with a few bumps along the way ! And what a show shows is not always how it needs to be