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Monthly Archives: May 2011


Fashion!  Price tag!

Hey ,

The link is the song by Lady Gaga Called Fashion! The reason I wanted chose this song is because I wanted you to hear it while  you read this!  So the reason i chose to speak about fashion is that in my last blog about fashion i mostly spoke of uniforms! but now i realized that many girls have the same style but carry it in a different way! A very popular icon these days are Lady Gaga! Why , well i don’t actually know maybe because she goes outside the box! I also inserted Jessie J’s song Price Tag because it has the message that money can’t buy happiness . Bit many people have commented that why should we pay for this song ! As any other artist she does want an income but why! But let us get back to the point !There have been many fashion icons such as Marylin Monroe who had the icon of the white dress flying up! Fashion will always be exposed in our life because of many artists  but what many miss is that style can have different meanings! Such as a a painting style or different movies style ! For photographers their fashion may be cameras!!

Well maybe now you can tell me your different types of fashion!

Lots of love Akidontheblog!

P.S : You CANNOT listen to songs from the links so open another  window please!

Thanks -xox-