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 Hey ,
How are you guys?? So I may of not  of written for  super long time but Little Me Is Back From New York!!  SO after an amazing trip from MONTREAL to  NEW YORK then back to MONTREAL then ST.JOHN’S !!!   And then Back to school!!!!! I personally love school but sadly I got bullied but those WEAK and IMMATURE  kids may of made me cry sometimes but guess what YOU KIDS COULD NOT BREAK ME!!!  So this year  I am getting bullied  AGAIN!!!! But this time it is a CREEP when i say CREEP i mean someone who would speak of you in a degrading manner  But apart for one SUPER DWEEB I am getting amazing (in a opera-ish voice) GRADES!! So when you bully someone and you are able to make them cry and you think you ruined they’re whole day they are people who just think you are    L
and of kinda hit rock bottom!! And either way i love who i am and  how i am so beware CREEP Hurricane Aliya’s awesomeness is coming your way and is predicted very soon so keep an eye out for your whole demure to start shaking!!
~xox~ Aliya 

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  1. Hey! This post makes my life. I love you and no matter what anyone says (specially HIM) you’re beautiful and loved and should never feel down 🙂 ❤ *cuberhug* You're the best!


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