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Are you guys still reading?

Haha, no seriously…

5 DAYS TILL SCHOOL STARTS! I don’t think I have ever been so excited for high school. Or have I? The one thing that I have learnt about high school,  is saying what’s on your mind in a creative manner, can be extremely helpful. And, also never change yourself because of someone else. Because your identity will always be yours. Currently, I am going to Sec.3 (Grade 9) and, I believe the only way you will have an amazing year is if you believe you can make this year amazing. Your high school can be an extremely helpful place, BUT also think about how you can help it. Start a club, a band or a book club. It’s up to you! Be inspired, get creative and be the best at being you! This year, what is really interesting for me is the fact that I am in the middle! The seniors (Grade 10 and 11) and the juniors (Grade 7 and 8). It’s amazing, because I can help the juniors and get help from the seniors. Don’t be scared to ask a question or answer a question. Confidence is AMAZING. And, the most important thing is we all are amazing! Gosh, who knew being a teen could be so easy yet difficult!

Keep Calm and Study On




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