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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Haters are wasters.

WORST MOOD EVER. NO, I’M SO MAD THAT EVEN HULK WOULD BE SCARED OF ME.  NO, I’M ACTUALLY HORRIBLY SAD. The fact that bullying is still happening makes me furious. You all are too scared to confess and be all “BOSS” in front of your parents and all but, no when it came to me it was a piece of cake… ARGH. JUST AHDKJAHDK No, actually just forget about it. No one takes it seriously. You find it funny? You think you’re cool? GUESS WHAT YOU’RE NOT. GO SAY WHAT YOU SAID TO ME TO YOUR SISTER OR MOTHER. Ohh yeah, you can’t. You all have the guts to say it for 5 minutes when it comes to authority you’re freaked out. In front of an authority figure comes out the low voice that sounds like a mumble, staring at the ground. Where did all the confidence go? YOU ALL ARE SUCH BIG COWARDS. SAY SOMETHING TO ME, SAY IT TO EVERYONE. Some random 13 year old boy said the only thing he’s scared of was getting me pregnant. REALLY?!? NO, REALLY?!?! HONESTLY, THAT KID NEVER CAME NEAR ME AFTER THAT. Serves him right. Since when is everything about sex and babies?!?! I’m so disgusted at people who think they’re so cool when they “tease” (as they call it) some kid.  YOU AREN’T COOL. YOU KNOW WHAT? THE NEW “IN” THING IS TO BE NICE!!! IF YOU REMEMBER WHAT THAT IS, DO YOU?


Thanks for listening 🙂