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Haters are wasters.

WORST MOOD EVER. NO, I’M SO MAD THAT EVEN HULK WOULD BE SCARED OF ME.  NO, I’M ACTUALLY HORRIBLY SAD. The fact that bullying is still happening makes me furious. You all are too scared to confess and be all “BOSS” in front of your parents and all but, no when it came to me it was a piece of cake… ARGH. JUST AHDKJAHDK No, actually just forget about it. No one takes it seriously. You find it funny? You think you’re cool? GUESS WHAT YOU’RE NOT. GO SAY WHAT YOU SAID TO ME TO YOUR SISTER OR MOTHER. Ohh yeah, you can’t. You all have the guts to say it for 5 minutes when it comes to authority you’re freaked out. In front of an authority figure comes out the low voice that sounds like a mumble, staring at the ground. Where did all the confidence go? YOU ALL ARE SUCH BIG COWARDS. SAY SOMETHING TO ME, SAY IT TO EVERYONE. Some random 13 year old boy said the only thing he’s scared of was getting me pregnant. REALLY?!? NO, REALLY?!?! HONESTLY, THAT KID NEVER CAME NEAR ME AFTER THAT. Serves him right. Since when is everything about sex and babies?!?! I’m so disgusted at people who think they’re so cool when they “tease” (as they call it) some kid.  YOU AREN’T COOL. YOU KNOW WHAT? THE NEW “IN” THING IS TO BE NICE!!! IF YOU REMEMBER WHAT THAT IS, DO YOU?


Thanks for listening 🙂



Inspired or lost? O_o

Are you guys still reading?

Haha, no seriously…

5 DAYS TILL SCHOOL STARTS! I don’t think I have ever been so excited for high school. Or have I? The one thing that I have learnt about high school,  is saying what’s on your mind in a creative manner, can be extremely helpful. And, also never change yourself because of someone else. Because your identity will always be yours. Currently, I am going to Sec.3 (Grade 9) and, I believe the only way you will have an amazing year is if you believe you can make this year amazing. Your high school can be an extremely helpful place, BUT also think about how you can help it. Start a club, a band or a book club. It’s up to you! Be inspired, get creative and be the best at being you! This year, what is really interesting for me is the fact that I am in the middle! The seniors (Grade 10 and 11) and the juniors (Grade 7 and 8). It’s amazing, because I can help the juniors and get help from the seniors. Don’t be scared to ask a question or answer a question. Confidence is AMAZING. And, the most important thing is we all are amazing! Gosh, who knew being a teen could be so easy yet difficult!

Keep Calm and Study On




 Hey ,
How are you guys?? So I may of not  of written for  super long time but Little Me Is Back From New York!!  SO after an amazing trip from MONTREAL to  NEW YORK then back to MONTREAL then ST.JOHN’S !!!   And then Back to school!!!!! I personally love school but sadly I got bullied but those WEAK and IMMATURE  kids may of made me cry sometimes but guess what YOU KIDS COULD NOT BREAK ME!!!  So this year  I am getting bullied  AGAIN!!!! But this time it is a CREEP when i say CREEP i mean someone who would speak of you in a degrading manner  But apart for one SUPER DWEEB I am getting amazing (in a opera-ish voice) GRADES!! So when you bully someone and you are able to make them cry and you think you ruined they’re whole day they are people who just think you are    L
and of kinda hit rock bottom!! And either way i love who i am and  how i am so beware CREEP Hurricane Aliya’s awesomeness is coming your way and is predicted very soon so keep an eye out for your whole demure to start shaking!!
~xox~ Aliya 


Howdy y’all!

How are you? Have you ever noticed that in movies the teenager girl is always complaining about her older or younger brother but why ? Can’t brothers and sisters be nice to each other? And why does this affect teenagers? Well after all these questions, let me give you some answers! First why do brothers and sisters fight so much? It is because of the amount of television that affects us  and makes us feel that is what a brother sister relationship is all fighting! But i know so many people who love their brothers or sister! Maybe we should think about it sometimes then instead of always fighting we could enjoy what we have. Because a movie is entertainment not real life so why do us teenagers try to act like somebody we are not! And just be nice and not complain. We are just kids at different stages of our lifes with bumps along the way ! I am a teenager and do not feel the need to throw a tantrum about everything. Because i believe that we all are who we are with a few bumps along the way ! And what a show shows is not always how it needs to be

The Illusion of Love!

Hey My  Dear Readers,

This is a special Valentine’s issue ! Who is wishing they get a 4$ rose at school or candy? Well here’s my advice  don’t accept either! Why you may ask , well I find Valentine’s is a very commercial holiday a girl always awaits something from their boyfriend but why you should always get a special something it does not need to be bought though…

I also find at my age us girls always try to look so good for boys what do they do for us???

Wwe are still so young and are in all these relationships it is so shocking! We should take things easy we are teenagers but let us enjoy our time, our innocence if we have some left . Let us enjoy our time we will be adults and will have to be responsible for a long long time actually the rest of our lives so this valentine give a gift to your friend who may have been there when you needed a friend the  most .It is the day of love. You love your friends as friends so if you do not have a valentine do not stress get em a gift!

Love you so much,