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Fashion!  Price tag!

Hey ,

The link is the song by Lady Gaga Called Fashion! The reason I wanted chose this song is because I wanted you to hear it while  you read this!  So the reason i chose to speak about fashion is that in my last blog about fashion i mostly spoke of uniforms! but now i realized that many girls have the same style but carry it in a different way! A very popular icon these days are Lady Gaga! Why , well i don’t actually know maybe because she goes outside the box! I also inserted Jessie J’s song Price Tag because it has the message that money can’t buy happiness . Bit many people have commented that why should we pay for this song ! As any other artist she does want an income but why! But let us get back to the point !There have been many fashion icons such as Marylin Monroe who had the icon of the white dress flying up! Fashion will always be exposed in our life because of many artists  but what many miss is that style can have different meanings! Such as a a painting style or different movies style ! For photographers their fashion may be cameras!!

Well maybe now you can tell me your different types of fashion!

Lots of love Akidontheblog!

P.S : You CANNOT listen to songs from the links so open another  window please!

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Pop or Peer Culture

Howdy !

You all probably have a favorite song and you just can’t stop singing it but maybe your friends do not appreciate it that much! I enjoy a lot of different types of music and I think we should all be able to decide what kind of music is good for us ! But have you seen that sometimes your friends are telling you the oh so popular hit music??? Maybe you should decide if you appreciate Rebecca black’s song Friday! Have you ever thought why you did not enjoy it ?? Maybe you should actually think about that ! Why didn’t you appreciate it was it her voice or her song ? Maybe you don’t appreciate the fact that she explained her whole life in a whole song ! I also find we just follow what everybody does but maybe you actually like that song! I would like to know why you do not appreciate Justin Bieber ? Do you actually like Lady Gaga or just think her Music beat is good! Maybe you thought if Much Music said that it is the most amazing song any artist ever created !

Now if you tell me I appreciate Lady Gaga’s work because you enjoy how she is not afraid of defying the odds! Maybe you do not appreciate  Justin Bieber because he only sings about love!

Go Figure!


Tim Burton


I am sure you have all heard about the Tim Burton’s exposition in Toronto! I am so glad that I went to Toronto to see this exposition and see what  an artist envisions from a sketch pad to a feature film ! I saw most of his work at The TIFF Bell Lightbox and was glad that New York sent us the expo! I saw all his characters from his movies like ” The Nightmare Before Christmas” and many more… I also saw his letters to directors, producers, the cameraman and other people part of the production! They also exhibited  Tim Burton’s less known characters such as “Stainboy”  . They  also exhibited his maquettes . And the beginning of his career, his first sketches and advertisements. A bit of his personal life such as how he got fascinated to draw and when he started!  This exposition is really worth it so if you have the time, please go and see it in Toronto at the TIFF Bell Lightbox . And I can guarantee you will spend at least 3 hours  without fail!


P.S if you do go and see it please let me know!


Howdy y’all!

How are you? Have you ever noticed that in movies the teenager girl is always complaining about her older or younger brother but why ? Can’t brothers and sisters be nice to each other? And why does this affect teenagers? Well after all these questions, let me give you some answers! First why do brothers and sisters fight so much? It is because of the amount of television that affects us  and makes us feel that is what a brother sister relationship is all fighting! But i know so many people who love their brothers or sister! Maybe we should think about it sometimes then instead of always fighting we could enjoy what we have. Because a movie is entertainment not real life so why do us teenagers try to act like somebody we are not! And just be nice and not complain. We are just kids at different stages of our lifes with bumps along the way ! I am a teenager and do not feel the need to throw a tantrum about everything. Because i believe that we all are who we are with a few bumps along the way ! And what a show shows is not always how it needs to be

Kindle digital Fortress

Hiya mighty readers!

How are you all?

i am posting you about the “Kindle” . I am sure you all know about this amazing device but just to make sure i will tell you what it is: The “Amazon Kindle” is a reading tool that lets you read about 3,500. The “kobo e-Reader” is an electronic device that lets you read also but only holds up to 1000 books and comes pre-loaded with a 100 classics eBooks.

The “Kindle”  comes with the option of with a free 3G wireless or just wi-fi connection. The 3G version costs 189 $. The one without 3g connection and just WI-FI connection is 139$. It is great to have the 3G connection because then you could browse the store whenever you want! It only weighs 8.7 ounces and it’s depth is 8.5mm it is approx. a 1/3 of an inch tha is what the say on “Amazon” !!  I do appreciate the “kindle” because of the look it is very simple but very useful not like most other devices that use color to jazz up their products.  The “Kindle”comes in Black and White. The white is only avaible for the  “kindle ” with 3G connection! I adore how the kindle has a a keyboard too!!

The “Kobo eReader” only has WI-FI no 3G connection. There is also one that comes without WI-FI it costs 128$. The one with wireless connection costs 149$. It comes in Lilac, White , Silver and Onyx. It has a quilted back design that is nice to look at it is supposed to be for good grip! I do not appreciate the “kobo eReader” because it make a too big a deal of so little unlike the “Kindle” that has a keyboard the kobo just has some weird track pad!

Thanks for reading


P.S: There are people who know why i put akidontheblog in caps!!!

The Illusion of Love!

Hey My  Dear Readers,

This is a special Valentine’s issue ! Who is wishing they get a 4$ rose at school or candy? Well here’s my advice  don’t accept either! Why you may ask , well I find Valentine’s is a very commercial holiday a girl always awaits something from their boyfriend but why you should always get a special something it does not need to be bought though…

I also find at my age us girls always try to look so good for boys what do they do for us???

Wwe are still so young and are in all these relationships it is so shocking! We should take things easy we are teenagers but let us enjoy our time, our innocence if we have some left . Let us enjoy our time we will be adults and will have to be responsible for a long long time actually the rest of our lives so this valentine give a gift to your friend who may have been there when you needed a friend the  most .It is the day of love. You love your friends as friends so if you do not have a valentine do not stress get em a gift!

Love you so much,


How can you find the perfect book

Bon après-midi mes chères lecteurs,,
I wish to talk about a topic I find quite interesting :Books how do you find the perfect one??
Many people have gifted me great books that I enjoy so much others give me gift cards to “Indigo” or “Chapters”  I enjoy but find it very hard to find the perfect book. I have an awesome cousin who has introduced me to amazing books. And now i have cultivated my taste quite alot after reading so many great books i can tell the difference between a book that is great and others that are not .
i have recently finished the book “Love In the time Of Cholera” that talks about love affairs between three souls : Fermina Daza And Dr.Urbino who are married and Florentino Ariza who is madly in love with Fermina Daza but she does not understand and calls ther love affair an illusion. I did not appreciate the story as much as the writing of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. What i enjoyed the most is that Marquez writes in spanish and that i read it in english the translation was exquisite. these are one of many books i have read that i enjoyed very much.
I guess you just need to enjoy so many books and that there many out there and none are perfect!
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